Southampton - The Verdict.


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Uff, it's a good job we aint going up. We would be the laughing stock of the Premier League if we did. A million miles behind a below average PL side. Can you imagine Surridge and Solanke as a front 2 in the PL? :slap:
Can you imagine a back 4 being led by Steve Cook in the PL?.....oh yeah of course we can.


Fans' Favourite
We were beat by a much better team
We were basically thrashed by a side only, what, ten places or so above us?

They’re not much better in terms of league position, we should have at least been able to compete.

What they are is a team, as opposed to a group of ostensibly talented but gutless and shameless individuals who can’t even be bothered to try.
Genuinely trying to think who had a good game. Mepham maybe when he came on? Danjuma had ten good minutes. Begs kept the score down. I’m struggling...