Training ground

We would get 30,00 at least if we could make that step up to ' Football Town'. and shed all the images that make us different .
The whole town plus Poole and Christchurch has to give a sh*t Newcastle...if not then we stagnate and eventually go into the Reverse Ride !
It is but you wonder what the club found out with the work they did do when they, apparently, seriously considered expansion before deciding against it. It surely wouldn't be too difficult to get a decent estimate of demand using the ticket data they have, market research they did and using comparison with other clubs.

Corporate and hospitality income seems to be the thing that makes the big difference. I've always compared our potential income with Swansea, Hull, West Brom etc. but you wonder if a southern club had greater potential for corporate income. Brighton and Southampton generate a lot per fan, presumably due to south prawn sandwich types. AFCB must have a fairly decent idea of potential income.
I work at Swanwick and there are people there who all have STs for themselves and their kids at Stains , even though they’re from all over our green and pleasant land and support other teams ….
They are all now Stains fans …
The clubs aim right now should be the get the next age ground growing up in the town, but as they do not seem to grasp that at the moment the younger generation will end up following them up the road or even worst the manc