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    Eddie to Celtic?

    If Eddie came back to Bournemouth and we got promoted next season.... Wow !,Roy of the Rovers stuff !!!
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    How do you feel, right now?

    I think what makes our heartache different to that experienced by other teams that failed to get promoted is the fear of the unknown. Max leaving ? Managerial uncertainty ? Player fire sale ? Financial collapse ? Poor board decisions? If we had the infrastructure to match Brentford I would see...
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    The players are angry.

    Well said Liam !! There's no substitute for the feeling of confidence that a winning streak brings. Note to JW : if it ain't broke, don't try to fix it Pal
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    You are the boss.

    You can't do that. His performances this season justify his present standing as the No. 1 AFCB goalkeeper.
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    AFC Bournemouth v Brentford - 3 To Go!

    It was a chance for JW to study Brentford up close. So he kept his cards close to his chest and I doubt Brentford learnt much about us. Now hopefully JW will be better prepared to nullify their threats when / if we meet them in the playoffs. No new injury concerns, and a tactical regroup next...
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    We couldn't could we?

    Thung Klom-Tan Man 1 Thung Klom-Tan Man 1, Muang Pattaya, Amphoe Bang Lamung, Chang Wat Chon Buri 20150, Thailand
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    Huddersfield Town v AFC Bournemouth - 6 To Go!

    Terrible substitution Danjuma for Stacey, too defensive and typical Woodgate
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    Huddersfield Town v AFC Bournemouth - 6 To Go!

    Why didn't Danjuma back heel that pass. He was unlikely to score and looked to be a selfish decision....
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    Huddersfield Town v AFC Bournemouth - 6 To Go!

    Billing seems to be loving it
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    AFCB vs Boro: Match Report

    Brilliant match report and thanks for taking the time to write it !! Full marks to the author
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    Match report against Swansea

    I for one would like to say how much I enjoy reading match reports. Even when or if I don't agree with how the author sees the match. I can only imagine how much time and commitment is required, but speaking as one who rarely gets the opportunity to watch the game, the effort is very much...
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    Management Timeline Exclusive

    Welcome back Neil ! You are still the voice of reason !
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    Thierry Henry

    Woodgate has got us winning games, but we are playing unattractive football. Henry might encourage a different high pressing sexy type of football ? But maybe we should ask ourselves what do we want ? Lose in style or grind out narrow wins. IMHO opinion Woodgate should be rewarded with a short...
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    Queens Park Rangers v AFC Bournemouth

    Begovic Smith, CCV, Kelly, R:cowboy:ico Pearson, Wilshere, Lerma Billing ( roaming number 10 ) Stanilas, Surridge Subs - Travers, Cook, Danjuma, Mepham, Brooks, Zemura, Requelme, Long What do you think ? Just for the record..... I haven't been interviewed
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    Bemoaning Bournemouth’s balance

    Love him or loath him, Billing had a good game against Burnley, occupying the No. 10 role. Surridge put in a shift too. What happened to rewarding players for their performances ? Surely these two should have been the first names on the teamsheet ? But have been the missing link with regards to...