Steve Cook

I am getting fed up with them all constantly insisting they should have won automatic promotion.
I keep reminding them on newspaper forums they finished 8 points behind us.
Also seeing annoying posts that all 5 European Cup winners are back in the Premier League.
I do think the media adolation was way over the top. They were fourth in the end and never in the top 2 all season. They were outplayed and well beaten twice by us.
on what basis exactly are they insisting they should've been in the top two?
we knobbed them in both games, as you correctly point out
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I remember Wilson laughing about his handball goal against West Ham, saying it was a little bit of magic, or words to that effect. Don't recall many people complaining about that. I'd rather something like what Cookie's put out than if he came out in support of the decision, saying they got it right.
Hard to dig out a thread from 2016 but I think there were a few saying it was a daft comment because it painted a target on our back and there wasn't another one after that.