Summer transfers

One of the reasons we failed FFP was because we signed players too early, bringing their cost into a championship season rather than a premiership season. I don't blame them for keeping their powder dry on this occasion.
That seems a ridiculous oversight for a multi million £ company. Surely clubs would do the deal, but not actually submit more than they needed to/make it official until after the date where status changes? Basically structure it in a way to avoid it being included for the season that had just finished.

Who was overseeing the financials/legal side... the young office temp?

I can;t recall what the verdict/punishment was for us 'failing' that season. Vague recollection of us having to face some repurcussionsif we were relegated the 1st season or 2, but as we survived, the window of punishment eventually elapsed.

Perhaps we were aware of it, but the legal/financial experts at the club were confident the punishment/or risk of it would be minimal, so worth just getting the deals done anyway, as I guess players/selling clubs wanted it done there and then or we risked them going elsewhere..
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Well i don't like to name names but your chum New Forest Cherry for a's been discussed on here on many occasions........perfectly acceptable behavior from loyal Cherries according to some on here.
Surprised you missed it tbh as you would've been all over it if it was just Waz.
Not a better myself but when I play Fantasy Football I probably won't pick our defenders or many of our players. I like to separate my head and heart when it comes to such things. Not quite the same as betting, but they (the betters) might argue that it's a bit like that or an emotional insurance policy. "Will be gutted if we lose but at least I get some dosh to help be not feel so depressed". Not sure what I feel about it to be honest. Feels a bit wrong but that might be how they see it.