The Never Ending Jukebox Track Three

Anyone having one tonight ? This is my mate's son who invented the Joe Publick persona to try and develop something different for covid situation.

You may have seen him playing sax on Elkie Brooks tours up to about three years ago, The Velvet Hearts who played a number of gigs in Bournemouth and his current band, one that he put together, Brother Strut. They feature some seriously good musicians, mainly soul and funk, plenty of tracks on youtube.

And coming in from left field, my random play has just given me this:

Kevin Rowland's greatest moment, and no it's not Come on Eileen.

As Dexy's were finally falling apart he managed to produce his very own Bohemian Rhapsody. 12 minutes long, and live it was a bit ramshackle, but probably the greatest thing he ever did.
And it slipped so far under the media radar that it seems to have finished him as a songwriter. Everything that followed was either a cover version or just very weak.

Some may not agree. :grinning:
But I loves it, I do.

Edited to add.

A link to the final Dexys album and it's history for those who have a passing interest in the tortured genius that is Kevin Rowland.'t_Stand_Me_Down
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