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Haha, fair enough, maybe exist in less than half of all loan agreements. But they occur often enough that they aren't seen as exotic or weird

Also, no I hope he isn't going to let anyone dictate who he picks, but then I can;t imagine anyone getting in Eddie's head like that. He's a pretty strong willed bloke. I'd imagine you'd view it as a 2M fee with a 25k rebate every game someone plays rather than a 1M loan fee with a 25K penalty every match someone doesn't play. I'm pulling numbers out my **** there, wouldn't be anywhere that much per game
My understanding is that is exactly how it works (non numbers)

Del, of course Eddie won’t be told who to play but in loans where the team wants their player to gain exposure to the league he will have to pay not to play him. He will be happy to do this as I am assuming he thinks he will be picking him having done his homework.

He also has the option not to loan him if it is irritating him. Plus this is all conjecture anyway as no such clause may exist... it’s just what some media outlets are saying.

Neil Dawson

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Indeed, a back injury and then a fractured shin.

I’m sure it would be remembered if we could blame our coaching staff but it happened on international duty.
Although Atsu was very accusatory of our ability to get him back fit and our training methods. That was a long time ago though so let sleeping dogs lie. ;)
Hmm, not too sure about those alleged terms:

"However, talks are now focusing on a season loan agreement with Liverpool looking for guarantees that the talented Wilson will play.

Bournemouth are likely to be asked for a fee and penalty payments if Wilson does not play a set amount of games."


If he can't make the step up and everyone else gets fit we will have four other winger options.
Now 6 wingers?!

Brooks, Fraser, Danjuma, Ibe, Stanislas, Wilson?

I presume that their planning on Stan being injured the majority of the season however doesn’t signing Wilson block Danjumas path to the first 11?
I see your point,

Brooks out until November
Stanislas out for who knows
Ibe probably off

Leaves Danjuma, Fraser and Wilson
This summer we have massive improved our options in regards to what formations we can play.

With the addition of Billing, we can now have “wingers” who can just attack and not have to worry about tracking back to much.

Anyone know what Wilson is like defensively?from what I can remember derby played a 4-2-3-1 last year a lot with Mount behind the striker?